Welcome to Tulane Nek Nominations! This day will live forever in infamy…

Videos to be uploaded imminently!

Submit your own video to Tulane.Nek.Nominations@gmail.com today to win the Tulane Nek Nomination of the week.

What is Neknominate? more after the break!

Neknominate is an online drinking game that began simple. Record a video of yourself chugging a beer, then upload that to the internet where your friends (and everyone else) can see.  Nominate some other people to do the same and give them a 24 hour window to complete the task.  

Now, the Neknominees generally chug some alcohol, eat something weird, and do something dangerous badass. ¬†Reports from the UK put the death count at 5 so far, but its all in good fun, right? Right……..



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